We produce plain carpets as well as designed, including logos, anagrams, etc. Both Standard or pesonalized…


In Delta Alfombras we are specialized in the high quality wool carpets exportation to the United States, the most exigent market regarding the design and quality. However, our market is wider, since our carpets are distributed in 25 countries, both in the US and in Europe such as Spain, in hotels, offices, casinos, bingo, night clubs, trains, plains, houses…

Raw materials
We are specialized in 100% wool carpets, or 80% wool – 20% polyamide carpets. The backing or the inside-out is usually composed of jute and cotton, but it could be manufactured with other materials depending on the clients’ needs.
We use a great variety of wool types, the origin, the thickness change, but we are always looking for the best wools in the world to assure the best cleaning and resistance. A rigorous control is carried out to claim the optimal carpet’s production.

Fire certificate
Wool carpets do not need any fire resistant product to have an adequate reaction to the fire in the most cases. However, if it is necessary, we can include some fire resistant treatments as much in the painting process as in the finishing touches to reach the required results proposed by the applicable regulation.

Our carpets can have, if it is necessary, a fireproof certificate. The analysis is carried out by the Laboratorio de Comportamiento al Fuego of the Instituto Técnico Textil (AITEX), who consent the pertinent official certificate.



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